Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee


Application Fee: $100 (Non-refundable)
Student Visa and Processing Fee: $250 (Non-refundable)

Tuition Fee for our Programs


Semester Fee (in US Dollars)
Semester I $ 5,500
Semester II $ 5,500
Semester III $ 5,500
Semester Iv $ 5,500

Basic Sciences

Semester Fee (in US Dollars)
Semester I $ 8,500
Semester II $ 8,500
Semester III $ 8,500
Semester IV $ 8,500
Semester V (Pre-Clinical) $ 9,500

Clinical Sciences

Semester Fee (in US Dollars)
Semester I $ 11,500
Semester II $ 11,500
Semester III $ 11,500
Semester Iv $ 11,500
Semester V $ 11,500
Semester VI $ 11,500
All payments must be remitted to AUB by Draft/wire transfer only. AUB has not authorised any person to collect Tuition fees or any other payments on its behalf. Payments made to any person other than AUB will not be credited to the student's account. Tuition fees is subject to change.

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy applies for students who choose to pay the complete tuition fee for the semester. The refund facility is not applicable for students who opt for tuition payment plan options and Transfer students who join the program in the middle of the course.

Tuition Refund

In case a continuing student leaves the School after the beginning of a semester the following tuition refund policy will apply:

  • Refund application received after 30 days from the date of leaving school will not be eligible for refund.
  • In case the attendance is of 2 weeks or less the refund will be 50%
  • In case the attendance is of 3 weeks or less the refund will be 40%
  • In case the attendance is of 4 weeks or less the refund will be 30%
  • In case the attendance is more then 4 weeks then there will be No refund

Method of Withdrawals

Request for withdrawal from the school of medicine must be addressed to the Dean of the academic medicine and must be in writing. Date of withdrawal will be the day, the Dean receives the hand-delivered request or the day on which the notice is received through mail or any other delivery system. Charges such as deposits, fees, printed material, etc. are neither prorated nor refunded. A refund shall only be given where the cause of withdrawal is justified by reason of emergency. The refund shall be given within 90 days of withdrawal. In case of withdrawal prior to matriculation, the University levies an administrative charge of $ 500.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Housing, Transportation and Living Expenses

$500 to $800 /month


Most of the required textbooks are available in the Library. However, it is advisable that the students may purchase their own books.

Clinical Attire and Medical Kits

Students would require Lab coat and safety goggles during Premedical program. As the students enter into the MD program they should have an Examination kit containing stethoscope, BP apparatus, torch, measuring tape, reflex hammer, tuning fork, otoscope and suturing kit for physical diagnosis course. The students must procure the requisite before commencement of the respective programs.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is mandatory while students are enrolled at American University of Barbados. Students can either enroll in a plan provided by the university or can purchase their own insurance.