Name Designation
Dr. Syed M. Kazmi Campus Dean, Chair and Professor of Anatomy
Dr. Angela Carrington Dyall Assistant Dean, Assessment and Examinations
Dr. Nickelia Clarke Jordan Assistant Dean - Students' Affairs & Head of Department - Microbiology
Dr. John J. Klir Associate Dean & Head of Department - Physiology

MD Faculty

Name of Faculty Designation
Dr. Bishouno Bhowmick Senior Lecturer- Pharmacology
Dr. Carmelita Morris MD5 and Physical Diagnostic
Dr. Soumitra Chakravarty Associate Professor - Biochemistry
Dr. Shafali Singh Associate Professor - Physiology
Dr. Jeevan Divakaran Professor and Head of Department – Pathology
Dr. Mirza Karrar Ali Associate Professor - Pathology
Dr. Shrikant Akolekar Professor and Head of Department - Anatomy
Dr. Jerome Brathwaite Lecturer - Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Waneisha Jones Lecturer - Behavioral Sciences and Biostatics
Dr. Joeleita Agard Medical and Legal Ethics

Pre-Medical Faculty

Name of Faculty Designation
Mrs. Dinah Saint Jean Premed Coordinator & Senior Lecturer - Chemistry
Mrs. Sherese Mullin Rock Senior Lecturer - Biology
Mr Marlon Stewart Senior Lecturer - Mathematic& Physics
Ms Christa Soleyn Senior Lecturer - English
Dr Adrianne Bynoe Introduction to Anatomy& Physiology
Azalea Johnson Chemistry

Academic Ranks for Clinical Rotations at Chicago, USA

Name of Faculty Designation Department
Dr. Sam Suhail Clinical Advisor  
Dr. Ruksana S. Nazneen Associate Clinical Dean and Chair of Family Medicine Family Medicine
Dr. Sadiq Hasan Chair of General Surgery General Surgery
Dr. Sayed Ali Chair of Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
Dr. Rita J. McGuire Cohn Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Gayle Kates Chair of Pediatrics Pediatrics
Dr. Thodur M. Ranganathan Chair of Psychiatry Psychiatry

Academic Ranks for Clinical Rotations at George Town Hospital, Guyana

Name of Faculty Designation Department
Dr. Emanuel Cummings Clinical Coordinator and Visiting, Professor Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Dr. Clive Bowman Clinical Dean and Professor  
Dr. Navindranauth Rambaran Professor and Head of Department Surgery
Dr. Reina Genellys Fernandez Camps Professor and Head of Department Internal Medicine
Dr. Rozan Ahmad Rafi Noorani Associate Professor and Head of Department Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Marcel Persaud Assistant Professor and Head of Department Pediatrics
Dr. Kampta Prashad Assistant Professor and Head of Department Family Medicine
Dr. Bhiro Harry Professor and Head of Department Psychiatry

Visiting/Distance Teaching Faculty

Name of Faculty Designation Department
Dr. Angelo Azzi Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Howard Morris Professor Pathology
Dr. Lindsay Brown Professor Pharmacology
Dr.Bernard Gouget Professor Physiology
Dr. Hari S. Sharma Professor Pathology
Dr. Tariq M. Haqqi Professor Anatomy
Dr. Koichi Honma  Professor Pathology
Dr. Pradeep K. Sharma Professor Anatomy
Dr. Abbas Salam Professor Physiology
Dr. Abbas Ali Mahdi Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Anu Chandra Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Tasleem Raza Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Brijesh Rathore Associate Professor Biochemistry
Dr. A.N. Srivastava Professor Pathology
Dr. Syed Riaz Mehdi Professor Pathology
Dr. Vineeta Khare Professor Microbiology
Dr. Ali Ahmad  Professor Pharmacology
Dr. Dilshad Ali Rizvi  Associate Professor Pharmacology
Dr. Jalees Fatima  Professor Medicine
Dr. Rajendra Prasad   Professor Pulmonary Medicine 
Dr. Mohd Aleem Siddiqui Associate Professor Psychiatary 
Dr. M.M.A. Faridi Professor Paediatrics
Dr. Shrish Bhatnagar Associate Professor Paediatrics
Dr. Osman Musa Hingora  Professor Surgery
Dr. Sachin Khanduri Professor Radiology
Dr. Syed Shadab Raza Assistant Professor Biotechnology

Admissions Department

Name Designation
Ravi Shankar Manager
Syed Mustafa Ali Assistant Manager
Camille Jordan Assistant Manager
Shernel Holder Officer
Syed Mohammad Hamza Officer

Administration, Accounts & Others

Name Designation
Mohammad Anwer Hasan Manager Accounts
Tatheer Husain Account Officer
Siraj Haqequi IT Officer
Murtuza Akhtar Librarian
Sartaj Husain Dean's Assistant
Hawaboo Mahmud Personal Assistant - Dean's Office