About Barbados

Barbados is a coral paradise in the Caribbean . It is a delightful mix of culture, food, natural scenic beauty, a warm climate and the sea that merges with the blue skies in the distant horizon. It is a beautiful country with secure living conditions. There are eleven parishes and four towns, each with their own character, charm and history.

The beauty of the place has rubbed onto every Barbadian heart. There is a smile on every face and a twinkle in every eye. It is the most pleasant place to pursue your dream of mastering the art and science of modern medicine.

Capital City

Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados which is home to numerous impressive colonial buildings , historic garrison that are designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Some of the sites that are of particular interest to the tourist are Parliament building, Harrison’s Cave, Flower Forest, Bathsheba, Gun Hill Signal Station, Animal Flower Cave, Farley Hill National Park and white sand beaches.


Barbados is connected with direct flights from USA, Canada and UK. The Grantley Adams International airport provides an integral connection for international air traffic in the Eastern Caribbean, with non-stop daily services to major international destinations. Major airlines flying into Barbados include Air Canada, British Airways, JetBlue, American Airlines and US Airways.


In Barbados it is generally sunny and warm with brief period of intense rain. The summer temperatures hit average highs of 32oC and winters temperatures 28oC. The dry season of the island starts in January and ends in June when generally the rainy season begins.


The educational system in Barbados is modeled after the British system and one that has produced a high literacy rate over the years. School is compulsory up to the age of 16 and government schools are free at the primary and secondary levels. The country proudly boasts of a literacy rate which is 97 percent.


English is the official language of Barbados.


As per the United Nations estimate of 2018, the population of Barbados was recorded at 286,388 which includes people of European, Guyanese, Indian, Chinese and Syrian descent.


Anglicanism is the official religion of Barbados but the island is also home to more than 100 religions.


The Bridgetown Port in Barbados is one of the most modern sea ports in the Caribbean with a deep water harbour. This award winning Port is well equipped with container handling and berth facilities for ocean going freighters and passenger vessels, including major luxury liners.


Barbados is in the Atlantic Time Zone, which is four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time; however, the island does not observe daylight-saving. From April to October, the Eastern time in America is the same as the time in Barbados. From October to April, the East Coast of the United States is one hour behind Barbados.

Visa Entry Requirements

All visitors to Barbados are required to have a valid passport. Nationals of CARICOM, UK, USA, Canada and some Commonwealth countries can travel to Barbados with acceptable proof of identification, like a passport, birth certificate or national ID.


Barbados boasts a pure water supply which is pumped from the underground sources in the coral rock that covers a vast majority of the island, it is safe and ready to drink right away.


1 USD = 2 BDS(Dollars)

US dollars are widely accepted


Barbados has the third oldest parliament in the world, with uninterrupted parliamentary governance since 1639. The constitution of Barbados is based on the British style of parliamentary democracy with elections held every 5 years. There are 2 houses of parliament, a Senate and a House of Assembly. The Governor General is the Head of State, while executive authority is under the Prime Minister and Cabinet, who are collectively responsible for the functioning of the Parliament.


Most electrical outlets in Barbados are wired for 110-volt alternating current (AC).


The island has excellent telecommunication system. To call Barbados from the United States, dial 1, then 246 (the area code for Barbados) and the local number. To dial locally no codes are required.

Some Facts about Barbados:

  • The name 'Barbados' is derived from the ‘Bearded Fig Trees’ once found in abundance on the island.
  • Barbados is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is 21 miles in length and 14 miles in breadth.
  • The United Nations Human Development Index (2011) placed Barbados in the highest bracket, namely the "Very High Human Development" category, which is well above the regional average for the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • The friendly Barbadians are the island's greatest and most pleasing asset.
  • Barbados has cultural diversity which helps it to be distinctively charming.
  • Barbados is the first Caribbean island to start a fertility center in order to promote medical tourism. It boast of a success rate higher than in UK and USA at one third the cost.