Innovative Learning Techniques

Innovative Learning Techniques

Integrated Curriculum

The American University of Barbados, School of Medicine provides medical students with a well planned and innovative integrated curriculum which makes interdisciplinary connections more effective, thereby enhancing the learning process. It breaks down learning impediments and stimulates student focus leading to progress. The 'Layered Learning' process and our balanced curriculum combines different disciplines to encourage and facilitate critical thinking as opposed to learning distinctive and isolated topics of medicine. Academic benefits include a greater conceptualization of learning, through a student-centred approach that offers our students a meaningful and in-depth understanding of the science of medicine with in- class applications to the real world.

Educational Technology and Unique Animations

American University of Barbados, School of Medicine is dedicated to offering numerous types of educational media and tools to facilitate greater learning. Throughout the learning process at our school interactive educational resources supplement interactive teaching. The management and delivery of comprehensive learning content for the various disciplines in medicine is effectively utilized by the learning system 'Moodle' which accompanies live classroom instructions for all course work on our campus. Moreover, our easy-to-access animations provide the added benefits of simplifying complex topics, clarifying concepts and making them more fascinating and stimulating for our students.

Our Animations deliver a rich experience by visually depicting functional and dynamic mechanisms of the human body.

3D medical animations explain more in less time. It depicts the accurate visualizations by exploring the depth and the intricacies of the science that cannot be created or replicated from 2D illustrations, diagrams, photographs or even live actions. This teaching methodology is also incorporated with integration of medical subject depending upon the topic dealt or taught which enables the students to understand the subject better.