american university of barbados

school of medicine

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Our Faculty

Name Qualification Designation
Dr. Farzana Mehdi PHD Academic Dean
Dr. Syed M. Kazmi MBBS, M.PHIL, PHD(ABD) Associate Dean of Academics & Student Affairs
Chair and Professor of Anatomy
Dr. Sam Suhail MD, MPH, MBA Associate Dean of Clinical
Director MD5 and Clinical Clerkships
Name Designation
Dr. Angela Carrington - Dyall Head of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry & Head of Research
Dr. Bishouno Bhowmick Assistant Professor- Pharmacology and Coordinator of Clinical Clerkships
Dr. Nickelia Clarke - Jordan Head of the Department of Microbiology & Co-Coordinator of Research
Dr. Elizabeth Veeravalli Behavioral Sciences, Medical & Legal Ethics, Basic Medical Sciences
Dr. Camelita Morris Lecturer of USMLE-Prep, Clinical Medicine, Physical Diagnosis, Basic Medical Science
Dr. Julaine P. Lewis Lecturer of Physiology
 Dr. Joanna Pascal Lecturer - Immunology, Genetics
Georgie Jarvis Counseling Psychologist
Karissa Michelle Callender Lecturer Natural  Sciences
Name Designation
Mrs. Dinah Saint - Jean Lorde Premedical Program Coordinator Chemistry, Clinical Laborotory Science, Gynecological Cytopathology
Christa Neisha Soleyn Lecturer Psychology
Marlon Stewart Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Mathematical Sciences
Justin Worrel Lecturer General Chemistry & Lab Technologist
Andrew Porte Lecturer - Physics
Mrs. Sherese Mullin-Rock Biology, Cell Biology, Medical Microbiology, Premedical Sciences
Name of Faculty Designation Department
Dr. Angelo Azzi Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Howard Morris Professor Pathology
Dr. Lindsay Brown Professor Pharmacology
Dr.Bernard Gouget Professor Physiology
Dr. Hari S. Sharma Professor Pathology
Dr. Tariq M. Haqqi Professor Anatomy
Dr. Koichi Honma  Professor Pathology
Dr. Pradeep K. Sharma Professor Anatomy
Dr. Abbas Salam Professor Physiology
Dr. Abbas Ali Mahdi Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Anu Chandra Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Tasleem Raza Professor Biochemistry
Dr. Brijesh Rathore Associate Professor Biochemistry
Dr. A.N. Srivastava Professor Pathology
Dr. Syed Riaz Mehdi Professor Pathology
Dr. Sharique Ahmad Professor Pathology
Dr. Mastan Singh Professor Microbiology
Dr. Vineeta Khare Professor Microbiology
Dr. Ali Ahmad  Professor Pharmacology
Dr. Dilshad Ali Rizvi  Associate Professor Pharmacology
Dr. Jalees Fatima  Professor Medicine
Dr. Rajendra Prasad   Professor Pulmonary Medicine 
Dr. Mohd Aleem Siddiqui Associate Professor Psychiatary 
Dr. M.M.A. Faridi Professor Paediatrics
Dr. Shrish Bhatnagar Associate Professor Paediatrics
Dr. Osman Musa Hingora  Professor Surgery
Dr. Sachin Khanduri Professor Radiology
Name Designation
Camille Jordan Admission Officer
Dawn Walters Admission Officer
Shunttle McClean Admission Officer
Shurnell Admission Officer
Kathy-Ann Spooner Librarian
Hawaboo Mahmud Personal Assistant to the Dean
Patricia Clauzel-Maynard Dean's Office Assistant
Ravi Shankar Marketing Manager